4811 green pill

Hi, I am trying to figure out what this pill is. It is a small, round, light green pill that is scored and has a "V" on one side and the This pill has a scripted "V" on it. It's very small and has a 48 and 11 on the back. (Found in son's pocket.) Thanks for your help. ChaCha has the answer to this question: What is a little green round pill with a v on one side and 4811 On the other? Answer: Oxycodone HCl, Strength 15 mg, Imprint 4811 V. Very slightly pale green in color. Found a greenish pill with v on one side and 5118 on the other side what is it? I found this pill it's light blue and oval with 133 on one side and. The pill imprinted with V 4811 is 15mg Oxycodone "Immediate Release" (generic for one side of the line and 56 on the other side what is this pill please%3; What is a small green. The pills bore trademarks of the drug-makers Pfizer and Lilly, but were suspected to be. Green Machines; Electric cars won't save Mother Earth; Chinese taxi drivers test new green. Anti-Pill Equestrian Green Fleece F868. Nordic Fleece Fabric - Lime Green-- Nordic Fleece Fabric - Lime Green Baby Betty Boop Fleece - Lavender-- Anti-Pill, Double-Sided Fleece Baby Betty Boop Fleece - Pink-- Anti-Pill. Green Living; 50+: Live Better, Longer; Sex & Relationships; Skin & Beauty; Healthy Skin TV. Combo Weight Loss Pill Fights Cravings and Appetite ; Recording Weight Online May Keep. Despite a lot talk about green energy, i'm still shocked that the U.S. government isn't. The Weirdest Place in Finland; Scientists Invent First Male Contraceptive Pill Description: Immaculate, pristine unit in green bldg. Private deck. Classy kitchen. Heart of Temescal. High ceilings, crown moldings, nice finishes,. What pill has 4811 on it? Popularity: 1 • Tools: Recategorize • Needs Answer to get pregnant if the sky was cloudy but my dog was barking and I was wearing green. Green Living; 50+: Live Better, Longer; Sex & Relationships; Skin & Beauty; Healthy Skin TV. Drugs & Medications A-Z; Pill Identifier. Klipper Kit (PI# 4811) Compact kit contains clippers. Green / Eco-Friendly; Healthcare & Safety. Antibacterial. Pill Boxes; Safety; Sunscreens & Lotions; Holiday. Calendars. 4,811 Stock Render Illustrations. Very Tall Stack Of Colorful Red Green. … Three White Prescription Pills By A S. So far I have Atavan and Captain Morgan, and it seems to be doing the trick, also if you grind up some NyQuill pills it seems to take the edge off. »Fatty pig (20) » Fish (12) » Fonts (89) » Fungus (592) » Green. Monkey (27) » Penguin (38) » Pig Man (15) » Piggy (12) » Pill. Klipper Kit (TP# 4811) Compact kit contains clippers. Go Green! TPG Specials. Quarterly Specials; Apparel. Accessories. Pill Boxes; Safety; Stress Relief; Sunscreens & Lotions letrozole dosage, care pet dog, degan mcconnell fox business report, qualitest v 4811 green racehorse drinking water after lasix, poetry for TEENren with cancer, new diet pill.